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Storytelling Through Composition: The Keys to Effective Client Communication

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    More and more architectural studios are tasked with delivering renderings as part of their communications with their clients. These renderings have become powerful and important tools to help clients understand the vision for their projects and to help approve the major milestones during the design process. Understanding how to compose an image to convey the desired message has become increasingly important. Understanding the basic rules of composition and how to engage the viewer using composition is the foundation of successful communication. Our class will teach storytelling through composition and will capitalize on the team’s design skills to create compelling visual communication tools that will enable class attendees to be more efficient and effective in their communications with their clients.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the importance of discovering the purpose for the image (communicating the “Why”)
    • Discover camera basics that help illustrate the story
    • Learn how to identify good compositions and understand their basic guidelines and rules
    • Discover the difference and importance of visual accuracy versus physical accuracy