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Steel Fabrication Transfer from Revit to Advance Steel—Under the Hood

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    This session will focus on transfer of steel fabrication elements from Revit software to Advance Steel software and back. There have been many changes in recent years, so for users and managers of these systems, it is sometimes difficult to understand the background process being used. Therefore, we’ll focus upon the various database types, tables, and locations, and what’s used for which parts of the process, so users can understand how to manage this operation in both platforms to achieve a successful collaboration. We’ll see how the correct use of the mapping database and creation of elements in both software systems, as a management operation, enables a smooth transfer, which is very important in multidisciplinary organizations—so CAD managers understand the need for this processing. Have correct Revit families created to the steel fabrication format, materials identified and mapped, and connection instances created.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the database table locations and the use within the SMLX Transfer process, standard mapping, and custom 1 to 1
    • Learn how to create materials references in both Revit and Advance Steel for easier mapping
    • Learn about the requirement for correct Revit family format for steel fabrication
    • Discover the importance of the steel connection instances, and learn how to create your own within current connections