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Steel Connection Design—Extend Your Advance Steel, Revit, and Robot Structural Analysis Workflow.

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    This class will introduce a novel approach to design and check of structural steel joints and connections of any topology. It is based on a new method called Component-based Finite Element Model (CBFEM) and has been implemented into IDEA StatiCa Connection software. Structural engineers and fabricators can use models created in Advance Steel software, Revit software, and Robot Structural Analysis software to quickly export all data necessary and perform pass/fail check of any joint according to the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) / Eurocode. We will examine this new extended workflow for Autodesk users, and show its relevance on real-life projects from all around the world. Join this class to learn how to deal with any steel joint your projects can bring, in minutes. We’ll explain the whole calculation process and show tools to optimize the joint (bolt patterns and so on). This session features Advance Steel and Revit Structure.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to design and check any steel joint according to AISC/EC in minutes
    • Understand limitations of current methods, and examine the new CBFEM method for analysis and design of steel joints
    • Learn how to work with a model from Advance Steel, Revit, and Robot Structural Analysis to increase productivity of steel joint design
    • See this new approach in real-life projects all around the world