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Start to Finish Setup of Collaboration for Revit

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    In this class we will go over every step needed to set up Collaboration for Revit (C4R) software. Steps covered will include purchase process; Autodesk, Inc., ID setup; Autodesk account management; and Autodesk 360 Team setup and best practices. We will explore the following: What is an Autodesk 360 Team? What is Collaboration for Revit software? Collaboration for Revit installation. And initiation of worksharing in C4R. We will also troubleshoot common issues. You can view documentation for the class here:

    Key Learnings

    • Go through the C4R purchase process
    • Learn how to administer permissions in your Autodesk account
    • Learn how to administer your A360 Team hub
    • Learn how to troubleshoot common C4R and A360 issues