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Smart Connected Design with A360 Web Service and Internet of Things (IoT)

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    Today, there are more than 16 billion active wireless-connected devices, and that number will more than double and exceed 40 billion by 2020, according to ABI Research. With more and more smart things surrounding us in smart homes, offices, streets, and cities, can our 2D and 3D design also become smarter and connected? Can our design data become a smart living thing that connects to the physical world, monitors and interacts with the surrounding environment, and helps deliver performance visibility toward predictive maintenance and reduced downtime? The answer is yes! In this class we will explore new ways of building “smart connected” design and demonstrate how you can connect your design with physical microcontrollers and communicate with sensors in real time. We will also show you how to turn your design into an interaction-on-demand system that enables anyone to interact with any device at any time, all with the power of Autodesk 360 web service and Internet of Things (IoT).

    Key Learnings

    • Explore new ways of making smart connected design and data
    • Discover A360 Web Service and the View and Data API and its functionalities
    • Learn step by step how to connect design with Internet of Things using Autodesk Web Service and open-source APIs
    • Learn how to turn a design into an interaction-on-demand system that interacts with any device at any time