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Single File, Kids: Building Adaptive Assemblies in Inventor

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    Many new product development projects involve small (or large!) assemblies that are going to be designed from start to finish. Many facing this task go about it on a piece-by-piece basis—modeling one component from scratch, opening a new file, modeling another component from scratch, switching back and forth between the two to ensure that mating interfaces are dimensioned accordingly, trying to reference numbers from one file to the next, and writing down parameters to reference at a glance. This class will cover how to cleanly organize an assembly built from scratch entirely in one file. Learn how to organize a model tree with labels and use best practices when modeling parts, and how to utilize named dimensions and parameters to make on-the-go changes a breeze. Discover how to utilize adaptive modeling to enable making one change that can flow through all the mating parts in an assembly, and how to do so without making your model fail or explode. And learn how to simultaneously set up a component for simulation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use adaptive modeling to create assemblies of multiple components made from scratch all in a single file
    • Learn how to use adaptive parameters to enable changes in a component to flow through the assembly seamlessly
    • Learn how to organize a model tree in a way to make editing easier in the future for other users
    • Learn best practices for modeling and orders of operations