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Showcase Your Architectural Model

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    Showcase software is included in Building Design Suites software but it is not widely used. This session will show you how to migrate your Revit software building models into Showcase software effectively, which enables easy management of the myriad objects in the model. You can use Showcase software to quickly and easily create an interactive presentation to communicate and sell your design. You will learn how to create animated transitions for enhanced visualization and navigation of the model, and you'll discover how you can explore various design options using material and model alternatives. We'll also show how to utilize cross sections and triggers to automate actions inside of Showcase software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to utilize 3ds Max Design software to more effectively migrate data from a Revit software model into Showcase software
    • Learn how to create and manage materials in Showcase software
    • Learn how to create transitions, alternative lineups, and cross-section views in Showcase software
    • Learn how to use storyboards to automate animation sequences