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Seeing the Future: How Enhanced Realities Are Evolving How We Visualize Design

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    Skyscrapers, subways, airplanes, and automobiles-our world is full of marvelous inventions that humanity has designed and built. So what is the one tool that's enabled us to create these wonders? The greatest tool we've ever invented was the tool! Our creativity has only ever been limited by the tools at our disposal; and with the development of virtual reality and mixed reality, we've taken a significant evolutionary step in how we can design. Bridgestone Corporation is currently researching the utilization of mixed-reality technology for design, operations, maintenance, training, and sales. This class will cover our current findings and how to use the technology in process manufacturing. As an Innovation Specialist at Bridgestone, Brent Jackson is spearheading this research and development.This class will also recap how he rose to this position, which all began by watching the Autodesk University 2015 keynote live stream where he learned about the Stingray gaming engine and realized its potential.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover what virtual, augmented, and mixed realities are
    • Understand use cases of VR, MR, and AR in design, manufacturing, and sales
    • Discover the pitfalls to avoid when looking into new technologies
    • Learn how to convince your company to invest in new technology