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Say Goodbye to Rework: Find Out How We Saw the Benefits of Using TigerStop

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    If you have to cut something, TigerStop can most likely help you. TigerStop is an automated material pusher and stop gauge that is an extension of your existing cutting tools. You can download your material cut list directly from your intelligent model to the TigerStop. This class will cover a use case where material waste was reduced by 3 times through the optimization of material. We will also cover the labor-saving benefits and how GTP Services partnered with TigerStop to develop workflow curriculum.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a deeper understanding of labor and material savings when you can eliminate tape measures through using TigerStop
    • Discover the importance of keeping the workforce up to date and trained on the latest technology
    • Understand the benefits of downloading directly from the model to the fabrication shop
    • Understand the value of prefabrication in the construction industry