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Safety First—with BIM 360 Field

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    This class will "safely" introduce how to integrate BIM 360 Field software into a construction safety program. If your company is looking to start using BIM 360 Field, safety is an excellent and safe approach to beginning. We'll explore the creation of custom checklists, and how to create templates for consistency across projects. The presentation will guide you through the application, and we'll provide some tips and tricks to being successful in data collection. A Safety First culture is to be both preventative and proactive on our job sites-not only is it significant to be rigorous in monitoring, but what do you do with all this data collected? The second part of the presentation will look at the open BIM 360 API. We'll share live project dashboards to replace your stagnant weekly or monthly summaries-but, more importantly, to make safer decisions for your projects. The activity trends are now more obvious and visible to the construction teams, letting both praise and corrective actions occur.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create your own custom checklist in BIM 360 Field
    • Learn how to use and replicate a practical safety checklist example
    • Understand what data is available to connect and extract from BIM 360 Field
    • Learn how to visualize and make project-safety decisions based on live project data