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Revizto – Reducing RFI by 50% with better virtual construction

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    Revizto challenges the traditional methodology of project coordination, collaboration and virtual construction.In this session we will walk through the traditional workflow Revizto replaces and the step by step process to easily integrate Revizto onto your next project. If you're looking for an overview of Revizto features this session will not be for you. A special customer will be coming up to discuss their exact workflow and how they integrated Revizto into their already complex environment. They will discuss challenges they faced and strategies they felt worked best for integrating Revizto onto their project! <br /><br />There is a fine line between cool new technology and technology that can be harnessed to provide a ROI. This requires not only a short learning curve but comprehension and adoption from the vast range of skill sets involved from Schematic design through construction.We hope you join us to learn how company's around the globe a taking BIM coordination to the next level!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to assign, track and solve clashes more efficiently.
    • Discover how Revizto can fit into an already complex technology environment.
    • See the benefits of keeping team members in Navisworks, AutoCAD and Revit with our dual screen approach.