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Revit Tips for Fabricators

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    Learn advanced skills that capitalize on the new Fabrication functionality in Revit 2018 software. Using Revit schedules, assemblies, tags, views, interference checking, and new features in Revit 2018, we can produce fabrication documentation inside the Revit software interface, which lets us fully coordinate with design consultants. We'll cover how to model using Fabrication Parts; how to convert a design model into Fabrication Parts; how to use assembly views to create spools sheets and details; how to annotate Fabrication Parts in plan view and 3D; how to coordinate with other consultants in Revit software; how new Revit 2018 features relate to Fabrication Parts; and how to import existing as-built conditions from Fabrication CADmep software into a new renovation project. This session will feature Revit and Fabrication CADmep.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how design-level models can save time during the fabrication process
    • Learn how to use Revit to model using ITM content from Fabrication CADmep
    • Learn how to work with schedules and other Revit tools for fabrication services
    • Learn how to save Revit content for use in other fabrication programs by Autodesk