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Revit Master Class: Building Construction-Ready Curtain Walls

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    Curtain walls represent a special category of Revit software elements that we can use in many diverse ways. In this class we will focus on building efficient curtain wall panels, profile, and mullion family types for a variety of construction uses. You will learn how to build out a library of construction ready, manufacturer-based components for efficient detailing, documentation, and cost estimation; create flexible corrugated panels; and capitalize on adaptive components for creating rigs for complex curtain wall layout. We’ll also explore some non-traditional use cases for curtain wall elements, such as casework and railings. During class we’ll show actual project examples that demonstrate where and when to use these advanced modeling techniques in the real world.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the intricacies of building curtain wall components and family types in Revit projects
    • Learn how to capitalize on manufacturer detail components to produce final-quality curtain walls earlier in the design process
    • Learn how to build flexible families for corrugated and standing seam wall systems
    • Learn how to capitalize on adaptive components for complex curtain wall layout