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Revit Journal Files: They Aren’t Just for Autodesk Support

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    Have you ever submitted a support question to Autodesk and received the response: “Can you please send us your journal files?” Then you may already be aware of the hidden power of journal files. If not, have no fear; this session isn’t going to dive into the troubleshooting aspect of journal files. Instead, we will discuss how to use journal files to help perform repetitive tasks. We’ll uncover the location of journal files, discuss how to read portions of them that are pertinent to you, and then look into how to extract the task needed to perform repetitive tasks. These tasks could be any number of items, including upgrading families at each release, purging families, changing object styles in a family, adding line styles, and so on. The use of journal files can apply to anyone, in any discipline, and this session will provide several ideas regarding how.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover what journal files are
    • Gain knowledge of how Autodesk utilizes journal files
    • Learn how to create journal files for repetitive tasks
    • Understand that Journal files can be Revit scripts