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AutoCAD Versus Revit—Common Annotation Tips and Tricks

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    When you have a lot of old-school and productive AutoCAD users, sometimes it can be tough to get them into the Revit way of thinking. One way to get these users on board is to help them relate AutoCAD features to Revit tools, and learn how these similar tools can increase their productivity. In this lesson, we'll begin by learning how the scale of the drawing controls annotations such as text and dimensions. Next, we'll review the similarity of Dynamic Blocks in the 2D symbol and annotation families of AutoCAD software and Revit software. We'll examine how actions and parameters in AutoCAD help the user match Revit family placement behavior and features. The session will close by showing how to make AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks behave more like Revit family types, using visibility and lookup tools. If you need more consistency between your AutoCAD drawings and Revit documentation, come join this old-timer to learn some new tricks-and get a cool template to help you get started.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to define AutoCAD annotative text, multileaders, and dimensions to match Revit annotation types
    • Understand basic similarities between AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks and Revit 2D symbol families
    • Review specific Dynamic Block actions and features that emulate Revit behavior
    • Examine how Dynamic Block visibility and lookup table features are similar to Revit family types