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Revit Fabrication Parts—Design to Spooling Lab

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    This session will propel users into Revit 2017 software, exemplifying the advantages of using a singular model throughout the preconstruction process. Learn how to go from design intent to fabrication spools using Fabrication Parts in Revit software. In this session you will convert a Revit design model to fabrication parts, make design and coordination changes, define and detail fabrication spools, and create all construction documentation without ever leaving Revit software. Attendees will gain first access to new Revit 2017 software add-ins that streamline this process with prepopulated templates and content libraries. This hands-on session will reinforce best piping practices, and give users the tools they need to take their businesses to the next level. This session features Revit MEP and Fabrication CADmep.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up and import Fabrication CADmep Configuration
    • Learn how to convert a design model to fabrication
    • Learn how to efficiently make coordination and design changes
    • Learn how to create assemblies and schedules