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Revit Data Visualized with Dynamo

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    This lab is not for Dynamo pros, but for Dynamo novices looking to expand their skills and do more with their data. In this session, we’ll learn how to manage and manipulate data from a Revit file with Dynamo. We’ll also learn how to use Dynamo to help us add data to a Revit model from another source, such as Microsoft Excel. These days, when working with project data, data visualization is a must; we’ll explore this using the Archi-lab Mandrill Dynamo package from Konrad Sobon. We’ll also explore some of the new features and updates of the latest release of Dynamo.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore ways to manipulate Revit data using Dynamo
    • Learn how to use Dynamo to add outside data to your Revit model
    • Learn about Dynamo packages that improve Revit data visualization
    • Learn how to create a basic dashboard with Dynamo