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Revit Data Mining for Project Health Insights

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    As we work through projects, there's a constant generation of information. Unfortunately, we almost never get to see it, much less capture and analyze it, thereby missing many opportunities to inform future projects or help with current ones. BuroHappold Engineering is a global engineering firm that's decided to tackle this problem at an enterprise level by finding ways to automatically collect, share, and analyze this constant stream of project information. The firm has taken a multifaceted approach to mining project data for insights by using a mixture of internally developed tools and external tools like Microsoft Power BI and Kinship. This class will cover the methods and strategies that BuroHappold is using to mine all the data generated daily by each project. We'll look at how the firm is using a combination of external tools as well as examples of when developing a tool in-house has made more sense. We'll also discuss how to integrate new tools into project teams and how to approach enterprise-level adoption and analysis.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to troubleshoot projects in minutes
    • Get insights into your team’s Revit activities and project progression
    • Develop a plan to bring coding talent into your team, foster innovation, and convince management
    • Understand what tools are available to help harness the data generated by your teams and projects