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Revit Dashboards the Cheap and Easy Way

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    Having a dashboard for your Revit model is a great way to monitor trends, watch out for issues, and share insights about the model file with everyone in an easy-to-consume graphical format. In the past, dashboards were something only the big firms with the big staffs were able to create and manage. But the free and relatively cheap tools available now make it much easier for you to collect and share the data needed for a slick dashboard that you can share with your team. This session will cover using the Model Checker for Revit software to build and generate a report that can be used to monitor model fidelity in a data visualization tool like Microsoft Power BI, and we’ll discuss some best practices around that process.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover what data is good for long-term tracking
    • Learn how to use the Model Checker for Revit to collect your dashboard data
    • Learn how a tool like Power BI can be built into a Revit dashboard
    • Learn how to use and adapt this process for your own needs