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Revit Architecture Certification Preparation

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    Autodesk® Certification signifies your experience and expertise to employers and clients around the world and, as such, is a very powerful asset for design professionals. Autodesk highly recommends that you structure your examination preparation for success. This means scheduling time to prepare, reviewing the Exam Guide, using Autodesk Official Certification Courseware, and using a variety of resources to prepare for your certification. Equally as important, actual hands-on experience is recommended. In this class, you review this process, experience questions similar to those in the exam, and learn about the materials available to you to be successful in Revit Architecture Certification.

    Key Learnings

    • Prepare for success in Revit Architecture Certification by reviewing the certification preparation
    • Map learning objectives to study materials
    • Practice questions similar to those in the exam
    • Use our tips and tricks to prepare for the exam