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Laser Scanning Gone Wild: 4D Clash Detection with the Point Cloud

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    Learn how we used laser scanning and Building Design Suite to coordinate the installation of a new chiller and air handling unit in the basement of one of Florida's premier performance venues. We demonstrate how we used ReCap™, Revit®-based software, Navisworks® software, and Apple® iPads® tablets to create a 4D clash detection model to preplan the movement of a 8.5-ton chiller into the existing mechanical room. Because performances scheduled throughout the construction limited downtime, having an efficient process was critical. The virtual design and construction (VDC) team learned the most efficient ways to transfer point cloud files using the ReCap RCS format, perform clash detection in the point cloud in Navisworks, create models, and distribute the information to the team for use in the field. This lean process helped all team members visualize and plan their work, and it provided the owner with a useful as-built model for future work.

    Key Learnings

    • Aggregate model files into ReCap, navigate the point cloud, take measurements, and distribute data from the ReCap model
    • Bring laser scan data into Revit and model existing conditions
    • Perform clash detection in Navisworks using scan data and RVT files
    • Explain why laser scanning is a cost effective way to document as-built conditions and coordinate renovation work