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Revit for the 4D World: How to Create a 4D-Ready Model Within Revit

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    This class will focus on pushing the innovative 3D model into the 4D world. You will learn the process of how to create 4D-ready models in Revit software for Navisworks Manage software, Navisworks Simulate software, and Synchro software. The class will also highlight the difference between the traditional 3D coordination model, which is mainly used for clash detection, and a 4D-ready model. In addition, the class will cover the interaction of the model with the 4D software, and provide examples of actual building proposals that used this 4D-ready-model process. We'll show how the process provides clear communication to the stakeholders and parties involved regarding the construction plan, and how it has diminished cost and construction time in on-going projects, making them more efficient and productive. This session will feature Revit and is AIA approved.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the difference between a coordination model and a 4D-ready model
    • Understand how to create parameters within Revit for 4D
    • Learn the benefits of understanding the schedule for 4D simulation
    • Learn how to automatize the auto-matching process