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Rethinking BIM

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    We all have great Building Information Modeling (BIM) standards we've developed and nurtured for years, but we also realize that technology can only take us so far. Innovation in team and process are critical to making your firm's BIM + virtual design and construction (VDC) initiative successful. CannonDesign's VDC leaders, Brian Skripac and Liz Price, will share how rethinking the firm's BIM strategy and redefining its project deliverables to speak to a new VDC mindset will drive value and more deeply engage the firm's broader Practice Integration initiative.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop VDC content as a baseline for success
    • Learn how to use content to drive consistency among all project deliverables
    • Understand, plan, and execute project deliverables
    • Understand how teams collaborate to accomplish project goals and outcomes