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Resilient Design with Triple-Bottom-Line-Enhancing BIM

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    By standardizing data, methodologies, and output, the triple bottom line (TBL) can augment BIM (Building Information Modeling) (6D = 3D + cost + schedule + TBL). Automation of triple-bottom-line cost-benefit analysis (TBL-CBA) means that TBL-augmented BIM can bring high-performance building design, resiliency, and sustainability to smaller and smaller design decisions. Computational design needs a guiding algorithm that aligns with owners, infrastructure users, community, and environmental values. Civil engineers must understand stakeholders’ expectations to keep projects on schedule. We will provide examples of how cities have used TBL-CBA to prioritize infrastructure projects. For more information, see

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how BIM can be extended with value metrics
    • See how cities have prioritized infrastructure projects based on best value
    • Learn how TBL–CBA is an excellent guiding algorithm for computational design
    • Learn how to avoid the 10 common traps in the triple-bottom-line cost-benefit analysis (TBL-CBA) process