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Rendering and Animation for Building Design with 3ds Max

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    3ds Max Design rendering and animation software is extremely powerful. It can also be intimidating and overwhelming for the novice or casual user. This class will show you the specific workflows and tools you need to quickly and effectively create still images and animated sequences for visualizing building projects. We will cover specific settings to control both interior and exterior lighting (including night scenes), and easy yet effective methods to create animated walk-through sequences of a building. Stop getting lost in the miasma of tools that are unnecessary for building animation, and stop going down blind alleys. This class will focus strictly on the tools that you need to do your job.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use File Link Manager effectively to import geometry, materials, and cameras from Revit software
    • Learn how to fine-tune the scene with exposure settings, 3ds Max software cameras, and lighting
    • Learn how to control exposure, global illumination, and render settings for still-image renderings
    • Learn how to use Keyframes, RAM Player, and Video Post to create compelling animation sequences