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Redefining the Intelligence in BIM: From Information to Integration

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    When implementing Revit software, more and more organizations are choosing the counter-intuitive strategy of putting less rather than more data in company models. These organizations have discovered that leaving data where it normally lives and relying on integration to enable users to access the information needed when and where it is needed helps to see that decisions are based on fresh and accurate data. This presentation provides real-life examples to illustrate how traditional Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementations often fail to improve, and sometimes even degrade, an organization's ability to manage its information. The class uses business scenarios to explain in easy-to-understand terms how and where you can use data and system integration provide a more streamlined and collaborative work experience. The presentation also discusses what investments are required to achieve this and how those investments help prepare organizations to move data and processes to the cloud.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn why less data in a Revit software model is sometimes better than more data
    • Learn the ways in which integration leads to better decisions
    • Discuss the value of an integrated BIM implementation
    • Begin to understand how integration fits in your cloud strategy