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Reality Capture for Construction; So I Have a Point Cloud, Now What?

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    Today with reality capture technology it’s very fast and easy to collect large amounts of data with reality capture technology—but what can a point cloud be used for? The obvious answer is as-built verification of existing spaces. But is there something more that you can use it for? This class will focus on strategies using already existing tools within the Autodesk, Inc., product line that go beyond just as-builts. We will discuss examples of lessons learned and successes from integrating reality capture workflows when assisting new construction and renovations projects. From scanning to installation and beyond to facilities management, there is almost always something that you can make from a point cloud.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn basic strategies for reality capture
    • Learn strategies for identifying when a point cloud needs to be converted into a model
    • Learn strategies for using a point cloud for 3D MEP coordination
    • Learn strategies for how to integrate a point cloud for project turnover