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The “Realities” of Today’s Plant Design Projects

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    How are inventive plant designers capitalizing on the power of Autodesk, Inc.’s, reality-computing platform? This class will examine real Autodesk user experiences regarding how companies are successfully implementing point cloud data for plant design. Listen to your peers and gain insight into the latest software used, the common barriers experienced in introducing new technology, and the workflows adopted to help users get from the field to completed design. This class will also recommend the latest laser scanning workflows within the Plant Design Suite software for 2016. Discover how to achieve typically needed plant deliverables such as catalog piping and structural design, tie-in point extraction, clash reporting, and field to shop and back—all from native Autodesk point clouds.

    Key Learnings

    • Acquire updated point-cloud workflows within the 2016 Plant Design Suite
    • Learn best practices for working with ReCap software’s point-cloud engine from peers in the plant design industry
    • Learn how to avoid common workflow barriers and gather valuable time-saving techniques for laser scan projects
    • Discover how to extract deliverables from point clouds, such as intelligent models, tie-in points, isometrics, and analysis