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ReCap and Factory Design Suite—A Great Combination

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    Reality capture techniques are becoming commonplace in many aspects of design. The factory layout process is no different. From the clean up and orientation of the point cloud to the possibility of using point clouds as factory assets, when it comes to utilizing point clouds with Factory Design Suite software, there is a lot to consider. Join us in this class as we focus on the various techniques and workflows for capitalizing on point clouds captures in the factory layout process. This session features Factory Design Utilities, Inventor Professional, and ReCap.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover techniques to clean up and orient a point cloud with ReCap
    • Learn how to create a DWG overlay from a point cloud capture with Vectorize It
    • Learn how to create your factory layout in context of a point cloud, and how to check for clashes with Navisworks
    • Investigate the possibility of learning how to use a point cloud as a factory asset