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Railway maintenance processes automation: how link BIM data to a GIS model?

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    Maintenance engineers have different tools to monitor permanent-way states. These are no longer adapted to them: handling, readability, issue interpretation, etc. Currently, each tool used by SNCF is only dedicated to one kind of data. It is tedious for operators to cross the information and carry out an effective maintenance monitoring. For the maintenance manager, it is difficult to have a clear overview of the geographical area for which he is responsible. The service order with Autodesk Consulting made it possible to create a digital model (Civil 3D and Dynamo4Civil) usable in the office (NavisWorks), or on site with a GIS collaborative platform (ArcGIS Online). The site three-dimensional transcription allows to display information coming through various databases. In addition to providing a centralized tool for maintenance monitoring, the new solution facilitates the permanent-way appropriation to any firm newcomer because there are currently no plan deliveries in site premises.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the new rail maintenance workflow defined by SNCF network owner
    • Measure how visual programming add value for data management
    • Create a smart link between BIM model-authoring and GIS analysis
    • Explore CDE as the new mobile device for track maintenance on site