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RPS / GMIT Strategies for Change: Our BIM Journey
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In this session, RPS / GMIT present a successful case study of industry and academia collaboration. The market was extremely competitive and required new skills to survive in business. In a rapidly changing industry with government mandates fast approaching, we didn't wait. We recognised the need for a significant step change in our approach to learning and training in order to win new work. We needed to implement a company-wide commitment to change organisational structure, corporate culture, and IT systems. BIM and digital technologies needed to be the new way of working and it was perceived to be too great a change. When RPS recognised the need to develop a strategy to progress BIM in our company, we invested in technology and existing/new staff CPD that would allow us to deliver in this new environment. At the time no flexible BIM programme was available to meet our business needs, the solution was an industry-academia collaboration that improved our staff skills that was required for this step change. This provided new opportunities for staff to win new work internationally.

Key Learnings

  • Explain the challenges and opportunities for engineering consultancies with the emergence of BIM and new technologies
  • Describe how the close industry-academic collaboration has been instrumental in providing the necessary education and training required to deliver projects in a collaborative (Level 2) BIM environment in Ireland and the UK
  • Explain the how this close academic-industry collaboration is transforming student learning and the wider industry
  • Develop a strategy to plan and implement BIM in your organisation



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