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REVIZTO: Bring your BIM models to life & take visual collaboration to the next level

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    If you have not seen Revizto in the last 90 days we challenge you to ask ANYONE who has seen a live demo of our latest version if they’ve seen any other tool as impressive as Revizto. There are hundreds of collaboration tools on the market... Revizto however, brings a whole new level of intuitiveness that allow users to not only quickly solve common challenges but challenges they have never came across before. By building buttons that are ridiculously simple but engineered to work together we give the end user the ability to tackle any challenges coming their way. Each button designed for the Revizto platform works to enhance the functionality of its counter parts. This is why some of the top firms have asked themselves “how would we have gotten all this done before Revizto”. In this Class we will show all the steps how to one click export from your design software into 3D navigable environment, share it with your team for outstanding visual collaboration and achieve amazing results.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to convert BIM/CAD into navigable 3D in minutes for collaboration meetings, VR walk through, and more.
    • Learn how to overlay 2D sheets and detailed plans over 3D to bridge the gap between 2D and the 3D world we live in.
    • Run thru our incredibility intuitive switch back experience between 2D, 3D and design software with Revizto Issue tracker.
    • Experience how up to 700 remote people can view even massive models in real time with zero delay with Revizto Camera share.