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Pushing Piping Documentation into 2020 with Computational Design
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Industrial piping design tools such as AutoCAD Plant 3D software are now sophisticated and mature tools in many capacities across the specification-driven, P&ID-validated, data-driven fronts. However, other disciplines are engaging with more-contemporary modes of design, communication speed, and risk reduction. This paper will discuss how complimentary computational-design processes can harness power from other disciplines such as 3D geometric dimensioning and tolerancing in product design, mesh backdrops originating from reality capture processes, intelligent AutoCAD-Plant-3D-to-Revit interoperations through APIs, through to the creation of specifications from legacy data fragments for seamless piping component file (PCF) imports.

Key Learnings

  • Explore the parsing of PCFs using Dynamo or Grasshopper, enabling geometric dimensioning and tolerancing in 3D files.
  • Discover how to use AutoCAD Plant 3D spec creator to programmatically create specifications from ASCII files of any sort.
  • Learn about our approach to creating nested families from plant elements to open our world to Revit orthographics, with intelligence.
  • Learn about the team structure we’ve employed and how we support continuous improvement.



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