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Providing VDC Training to Journeymen and Apprentices

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    Drafting in VDC programs takes a combination of industry knowledge and software knowledge. In order to be proficient, a drafter has to pull from both knowledge sets and the best VDC personnel have some level of field experience in order to know how systems should be built correctly and efficiently. This session will moderate a discussion on ways to train union labor, both from the field and through the apprenticeship. In both cases, there is a need for some level of proficiency. For apprentices, more jobsites are incorporating coordination software in the field. They need to be able to use the software tools to read, interpret and build. For journeymen using their experience to become draftsmen, they need training on how to use software to design, coordinate and fabricate. The discussion will talk about how contractors around the country are approaching this training, what content should be taught to each set of people and how they approach bringing in labor to the office.

    Key Learnings

    • understand that it takes a combination of field experience and software proficiency to be a successful VDC drafter
    • clearly see the goals of a mechanical drafter training program
    • appreciate the employer/labor relations and training initiatives and cooperation
    • Appreciate the value of field experience and software knowledge