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People: The Unlikely Heroes of a Technology-Driven Transformation | Paul Murphy

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People: The Unlikely Heroes of a Technology-Driven Transformation

Paul Murphy of GHD shares his insight on how we can support individuals and teams in the process of constant adaptation


In the past, firms evaluated their employees based on factors like age, experience, and reputation. But as technology drives constant change in our world and our work, we instead need to value people based on how responsive they are, how well they collaborate, how fast they learn, and how quickly they can adapt to change. Hierarchical structures will be replaced by small, agile teams that share knowledge effectively and continuously build new skills. Paul Murphy, technology and technical applications leader at engineering and architecture firm GHD, shares his thoughts on how you can help support people as the real heroes of industry transformation.

About the speaker

Paul Murphy is a technology and technical applications leader for GHD, responsible for the strategic development of technical capabilities that support delivery of services to clients, while also helping people adapt to those changes in technology and processes. He’s been with GHD for nearly 20 years and also consults about security.

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