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Industrialized Construction, Productization, and Transformation

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Industrialized Construction, Productization, and Transformation

Prefabrication is good. Productization is better.


The construction industry has a problem: a third of all materials are thrown away, contributing up to 40% of the solid waste in our landfills. Digitally-driven prefabrication can help by enabling architects and builders to create modules in controlled conditions, such as the MEP assemblies that go behind the walls of institutional buildings like schools and hospitals—but it’s not enough. According to Amy Marks, we need to move beyond prefabrication and embrace productization—creating standard components that are used in not just one project, but many. This means moving manufactured assemblies to the front of the design process and anchoring your data in a platform. This approach cuts down on digital waste, which in turn reduces physical waste. Ultimately, it’s not just a matter of revenue growth and profitability, it’s a question of sustainability—building better buildings in better ways.

About the speaker

Amy Marks is the VP of Industrialized Construction Strategy and Evangelism at Autodesk, where she champions the use of optimized prefabrication strategies across many building types. She has been called the Queen of Prefab because she created the role of the first prefabrication consultant. Marks is the former CEO of XSite Modular.

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