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A Cracking Story: Specialist Marine Interiors Experience with Autodesk® Vault Professional and Autodesk® PLM 360

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    They say it takes people, process, and technology for any new implementation to be successful; my experience has taught me that the reality is exactly in that order. In this class, you will learn about our experiences in implementing and managing Autodesk Vault Professional software and training our staff to use it. Drawing on experiences from our implementation of Autodesk PLM 360, we will discuss Specialist Marine Interiors' experience throughout the implementation. You will hear what we have achieved and how we got there, including lessons learned and best practices. We will also cover the details of how to set up workspaces in Autodesk PLM 360, including configuration details and concepts.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe how SMI created its own workspaces that track products from factory to installation with PLM 360
    • Avoid mistakes SMI made during their initial implementation of Vault and PLM 360 and use best practices for working with the software
    • Plan your Vault implementation while considering downstream BOM integration
    • Explain why training your staff about the process and technology is key to implementation success