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Stingray and VRED: Combination for Sales and Marketing Train Configurators

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    Alstom uses VRED Professional software to produce high-quality imagery for project communication, as well as real-time-experiences production for design reviews and communication movies, enabling a single-visualization digital mockup. Meanwhile, Alstom also needs to make sure its designs reach a broader population that includes external teams and individuals, and from this perspective, the communication production workflow is provided by Stingray game engine. This talk will describe the collaboration between Alstom and Autodesk, Inc., to build a VRED data workflow that capitalizes on Stingray game engine as an output source for their designs, consequently extending the reach of their project communication capabilities. This session features VRED Professional and Autodesk Stingray.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover Stingray integration benefits for design departments
    • Understand capabilities of VRED and Stingray API for custom integration
    • Discover the benefits of using a game engine for product communication
    • Discover solution architecture and workflow