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Project Create! Standardized Revit Project Models…by the thousands...

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    If you are a BIM manager supporting project teams, you have likely spent time setting up Revit models before the team can begin their work. Even with mature templates and standards, the process of configuring a model for a project team’s needs can be time consuming and inconsistent - especially in multi-disciplinary practices operating across multiple markets. This session will showcase a custom ‘Project Create’ platform implemented by HED in partnership with Proving Ground. Teams use this platform to submit project criteria - including project size, scope, disciplines, and market sectors. Using these inputs, an automated Revit process will use standard resources to create a pre-configured starter project with required levels, views, sheets, and content. The resultant models are then automatically published for the project team on BIM360. The Project Create platform has greatly reduced BIM startup time while increasing standards compliance across a wide-ranging portfolio of projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the importance of standardized, rigorous, and repeatable BIM project startup processes.
    • Learn how to “remote control” Revit for automated model configuration with BIM360.
    • Learn about scalable automation strategies for Revit at the enterprise level for remote teams.
    • Learn about return on investment metrics used to justify investment in custom Revit and BIM360 automation.