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Programming Revit MEP? Say It Ain’t Dynamo.

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    Are you a Revit MEP software user who feels left behind in the development of Dynamo software? Well, not so fast! You can use Dynamo software to help expedite many common MEP workflows. The Dynamo extension is a program that uses visual programming, so you don’t have to worry about trying to learn difficult programming languages. In this class you’ll get to know the basics of Dynamo software and how it interacts with Revit software. We will also cover several examples where you can use Dynamo software to save time during the MEP design process. This lecture is ideal for Revit MEP software users who want to see what Dynamo software can do. Even better, no programming experience is required! Afterward, you will be able to implement Dynamo software immediately.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn what the Dynamo extension is
    • Discover what visual programming is
    • Discover practical examples where Dynamo can speed up processes in Revit MEP
    • Discover large changes that can be made quickly with Dynamo