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Programming Intelligent Wayfinding and Egress Planning
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This class demonstrates workflows for using intelligent model data to perform wayfinding analysis, egress compliance checks, and mapping room adjacencies as parallel Revit workflows. The class will begin with an overview of data sources within the Revit API (application programming interface) and the spatial analysis tools in the Grasshopper platform. We will then demonstrate applications of integrating these 2 technologies to analyze spatial elements in Revit to derive actionable data.

Key Learnings

  • Experiment with the potential of using a spatial element data from a Revit project as a planning tool
  • Learn how to develop prototypical workflows based on the data set provided in this class to use room and door Revit elements for code compliance checking
  • Learn how to capitalize on existing Grasshopper libraries to perform spatial analysis
  • Learn how to use a limited set of Revit API and Dynamo methods to retrieve and inject data to and from the Revit model



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