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Production Planning and Lean Construction Explained: A Hands-on Simulation

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    You've heard about lean construction and production planning—now it’s time to try it out yourself. This interactive workshop will start by addressing the problem of waste in construction and how the Last Planner System improves productivity and schedule reliability. We’ll introduce pull planning: a collaborative scheduling technique that enables teams to develop workflow starting with a goal in mind and working backward, thus enabling successor activities to determine what needs to be completed for them to start their work. Then we’ll put theory into practice in a hands-on, team-based construction simulation developed by DPR Construction, designed to emphasize the importance of pull versus push, reliable flow, and clear subcontractor commitments in the pull-planning process. The class will finish by showing how BIM 360 Plan software helps the last planner by enabling teams to track task commitments and completion, and report on deviations.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the key principles and benefits of lean construction and production planning
    • Discover Last Planner System: from master schedule to milestone pull-plans, 6-week lookaheads, weekly work plans, and daily huddles
    • Discover the concept of pull planning in an interactive simulation
    • Discover how BIM 360 Plan enables a collaborative last planner approach on projects by using cloud and mobile technology