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Producing a CG planetarium show at Griffith Observatory

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    This class will take a close look at how the immersive planetarium show Signs of Life was produced. We'll discuss how art and science are merged to create extraordinary content through a public private partnership. You'll learn how it was possible through the building of a new animation production studio inside the existing science institution, Griffith Observatory. We'll look at how a producer works from concept to completion, from development to final delivery and everything in-between. The class will show how Autodesk's Shotgun software was implemented at the center of the production studio pipeline and how that enabled the team to create, track, review and render the show.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain context in where to begin when considering building a new studio pipeline.
    • Start planning an animation and VFX production.
    • Start drafting a production plan.
    • Build a team