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Prefabrication and Modular Construction

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    A prefabrication strategy allows for the practice of lean concepts, while delivering a successful project. Prefabrication of MEP systems has been used in our industry for some time. A lot of the same benefits are realized in prefabricating architectural building elements. Various projects types fit the mold for prefabrication, including hospitals, institutions, hotels, and industrial facilities. All of these types of projects have something in common: highly-repetitive building components and systems. By incorporating a prefabrication strategy, a number of benefits are achievable, including reducing material handling, construction waste, delivery impacts to a congested site, and schedule. In addition, the quality of work is increased and safety is improved due to the controlled working environment. This class focuses on a recently completed healthcare project in which prefabrication was used and also highlights the challenges that were overcome to deliver a successful project.

    Key Learnings

    • Engage the design team, subcontractors, and owner to plan for prefabrication in the design phase
    • Recognize opportunities to implement a prefabrication strategy in different project delivery methods
    • Explain how BIM plays an important role in early decision making, collaboration, and coordination of multiple trades
    • Describe the potential cost savings and productivity increase when implementing this approach