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Predictable Non-Compliance: Why Users Ignore CAD/BIM Standards

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    Although most CAD/ Building Information Modeling (BIM) managers are responsible for creating and maintaining CAD/BIM standards, few have the authority to actually enforce those standards. Despite project teams insisting they could be more productive if the company had a standard, the imbalance between a CAD/BIM manager’s responsibilities and his/her authority almost always incubates a culture of noncompliance. This session will focus on ways to achieve the seemingly impossible dream of developing a CAD/BIM standard that’s willingly used throughout an organization without enforcement. By understanding the reasons standards are typically ignored, you will learn ways to overcome the most common behaviors that lead to noncompliance, and how to develop standards that are designed for compliance.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how standards enforcement practices affect compliance
    • Establish a CAD/BIM standardization plan that’s designed for compliance
    • Learn how to develop CAD/BIM standards based on the internal constraints of an organization
    • Learn how to successfully implement CAD/BIM standards without the authority to enforce their use