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Precise and Flexible Custom Room Finishes QTO In Revit – YES, it is Possible!

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    Getting Room Finishes QTO in Revit is tricky! There are no dedicated modelling tools so users have adopted many techniques using various standard Revit features typically coupled with some custom tools. Paint Tool, Wall Type Layers, Face-based components or even full extension tools like Roombook are just some of the examples. However, none of these fully fits the Vinci requirements and vision whereby the solution should enable us to quickly model, visualize and precisely QTO-extract the finishes in full 3D. Requirement for finishes as RVT-persisted 3D components emerged for several reasons like visual fidelity/checking, IFC export and Revit scheduling.

    This class tells the success story of a unique solution which meets all the stated needs, designed and developed in conjunction with Autodesk Consulting Services and involving a comprehensive combination of standard Revit features (Key Schedules, Shared Parameters), custom content (Adaptive Solid Components) and custom API add-ins.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the advantage and drawback of different room finishes QTO techniques
    • Get insights on possible custom techniques that may help your room finishes QTO workflow
    • Learn how the power of API and custom plugins can help your requirements
    • Understand the benefits of Autodesk consulting services throughout an EBA contract