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Power BI to leverage BIM & GIS Integration

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    BIM & GIS Integration became an essential part of large scale projects. While a massive amount of information is produced during the project life cycle, sometimes it is hard to use it because it is trapped inside the BIM and GIS software which becomes an obstacle for non-BIM and GIS users. Especially on decision Makers levels and from Project Management perspective. Using Business Intelligence software, Power BI, and the support of other software like Autodesk Forge and VCAD, Power BI will be able to present BIM Models and GIS layers in an interactive way connected with all types of trackers. In this session, I will present how I created an Information Center that acts as the single source of Truth for my projects using the interactive connection between Power BI, BIM 360, Arcgis and trackers in excel to facilitate the access to up to date information for all team members.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the benefits of BIM & GIS Integration for Project Management.
    • Understand the use of Power BI to present BIM & GIS information.
    • Link BIM Models & GIS Layers to the progress trackers.
    • Create an Information Center using Power BI Visuals to present BIM & GIS information.