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Planes, Trains & Automobiles with Vehicle Tracking - How to use Vehicle Tracking
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Autodesk Vehicle Tracking is much more than just vehicle swept path analysis. Come join us in this hands-on lab to find out for yourself how Vehicle Tracking in Civil 3D and InfraWorks can improve your project decision making. Vehicle Tracking allows even beginner users to make educated decisions concerning their individual projects. During this lab, we'll explore all the functions of Vehicle Tracking and design the following: starting a project in InfraWorks and then importing it into Vehicle Tracking to design a parking lot ; ensure our project design meets city standards; utilize the Vehicle Tracking information for detailed grading design; create a roundabout within the project; and much, much more. After this hands-on lab, you will have gained new skills that you can take back to the office and show others the many different ways to use Vehicle Tracking software, Civil 3D and InfraWorks. This session features Vehicle Tracking, AutoCAD Civil 3D and InfraWorks

Key Learnings

  • Discover and understand Vehicle Tracking software inside Civil 3D andInfraWorks.
  • Learn how to create swept path analysis in Vehicle Tracking
  • Learn how to design parking lots that work in Civil 3D with Vehicle Tracking
  • Learn how to create detailed 3D roundabouts in Vehicle Tracking and Civil 3D.



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