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Plan to Perform: BIM 360 Field Execution Guide to Improving Project Quality

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    Is your team getting the most out of BIM 360 Field software? Have you identified which workflows your team could be using to improve quality on the job site? Are your field engineers using iPads effectively? Are you getting value out of the data entered into BIM 360 Field software? The Field Execution Plan—a tool designed by Autodesk, Inc.’s, Customer Engagement Team—is your guide to answering these questions, and to helping your project teams get the most value out of BIM 360 Field software! The Field Execution Plan has been successfully deployed at both new and existing BIM 360 Field projects, and we want to share it with your team! In this class, you will learn how to use the Field Execution Plan to understand the workflows enabled by BIM 360 Field software, define the value of these workflows to your team, develop team processes, and develop a focused and effective training plan. You will also hear real-life testimonials from companies who have used the Field Execution Plan to develop and refine field management, improving quality on their jobs! This session features BIM 360 Field. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use the BIM 360 Field Execution Plan to focus and define team goals
    • Understand the value of process mapping in setting workflows
    • Understand how to create a training program specific to team goals
    • Understand how to use reporting tools to measure success against goals