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Pipe Networks Design in High-Density Underground Infrastructure Environment

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    Even more difficult than finding space to build increasingly taller skyscrapers, is finding room to place new urban underground infrastructure. Urban underground space is an extremely rare and limited resource, and the growing underground race demands efficient solutions due to climate changes in our atmosphere. Subways, underground parking lots, gas piping, drainage, and sewers systems have been built throughout the years in large cities around the globe, and, in several cases, built without any master planning or blueprints. In this class, we will present how Civil 3D software can be used to design drainage systems in a high-density urban underground infrastructure environment, and how Dynamo software can help to enhance the workflows.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to model a drainage system in a high-density, urban, underground environment using Civil 3D and Dynamo.
    • Learn how to run the interference check tool in Civil 3D.
    • Learn how to solve interferences between two networks using Civil 3D.
    • Learn how to swap network parts through Dynamo.